Shopping malls

Shopping malls are semi-public spaces that cater to hundreds of thousands of visitors. Open in the early morning to those looking for a much-needed coffee or attending on-site training, malls often trade till well after midnight, giving restaurant patrons and cinema-goers as much time as they need to enjoy themselves. The more that shopping malls grow in popularity, the more they grow in size as well, attracting new customers not only with stores, but with unique offerings such as doctors' practices, concert venues, playgrounds, eateries and more.

In recent years, however, shopping malls have had to confront a new competitor - stores in the online space that are increasingly taking market share away from land-based locations. As such, shopping malls need to broaden their value proposition in order to stay relevant and profitable. In today's retail context, malls can no longer limit themselves to merely shopping - they need to widen their reach to include the shopping experience as a whole. And a key aspect of managing this experience? Trust.

Enter C-One - a smart solution that allows both your security team and your tenants to contribute to the creation of a safe, trustworthy shopping experience. Thanks to its situational awareness management (SAM) and group communication capabilities, C-One has all the tools you need to proactively create an environment in which shoppers feel safe, and fully engaged at the same time.

C-One - a smart security solution providing the trust and safety your business needs.

Key features

Role design

The C-One system has been designed with well-defined roles for all users, in this way ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

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SAM – Situational Awareness Management

The C-One system has been designed to recognize and manage incidents as and when they occur. We call it situatioal awareness management (SAM).

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Security Architecture

The C-One system has been designed to be a fully comprehensive, safe, secure communications solution.

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Rich media messaging

C-One supports Photo, Video, Sound and map positions to be transferred directly to where it is needed.

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Geo tagged data

All data use GPS positioning for effective reporting and analysing of events.


The C-One system has been designed to fit your organization, both in terms of its organizational structure and its existing tools.

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Case management

The C-One system is built around a case in its entirety, following each case from its creation by a particular user to its ultimate resolution and outcome.

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