Hospitals are vital institutions, their vast sizes accommodating thousands of people on a daily basis, from doctors, nurses and medical staff to patients and their families too. And in an environment such as this, where the doors never close, where open and restricted areas lie side by side, and where health and security are a top priority, a hospital is a place where every visitor should feel completely safe at all times.

Should hospital incidents ever occur, each situation needs to be quickly assessed and acted upon appropriately. In order to do so, the correct information needs to be accessed directly from the source, whether it involves the patients, or a security risk within the hospital itself. Should the solution require the seamless management of a number of moving parts, such as the relocation of patients, clearing of rooms or allocation of staff, detailed information and instructions will be needed. As such, within a hospital it is vital to build in contingency plans and operational control to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Social media communication (SMC) enables C-One to utilize the world's most intelligent sensor - human beings themselves. By taking people's prior experiences into account, C-One is able to create a reliable, resilient flow of structured information, allowing users to assess situations rapidly, and take appropriate, decisive action.

C-One - a smart security solution making hospitals safer places for all..

Key features

Role design

The C-One system has been designed with well-defined roles for all users, in this way ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

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Security Architecture

The C-One system has been designed to be a fully comprehensive, safe, secure communications solution.

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Rich media messaging

C-One supports Photo, Video, Sound and map positions to be transferred directly to where it is needed.

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The C-One system has been designed to fit your organization, both in terms of its organizational structure and its existing tools.

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Case management

The C-One system is built around a case in its entirety, following each case from its creation by a particular user to its ultimate resolution and outcome.

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