C-One features and benefits

Our system is based on security and collaboration. By using the latest software technology and encrypted mobile data is C-One the most powerful and reliable security system available.

It’s highly customizable and use an intuitive interface for easy access and collaboration. Comparable to social media apps in usability but with a top level of security tech.

Key features

Customized security levels

User roles and content access levels can be optimized to fit your type of environment, staff and incidents.

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Manage your communication

Easy to use management module to handle users and configure communication settings.

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Powerful case grouping

Quickly create a case and share the right information with the right people instantly.

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Dynamic case rights

Customize individual access levels for a case and case users.

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Secure and controlled

Your data is protected in transit and at rest. You are in control of system users and user rights.

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Rich media messaging

C-One supports Photo, Video, Sound and map positions to be transferred directly to where it is needed.

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Complement old communication

Running on iOS and Android makes user base expansion flexible and inexpensive when complementing radio communications.

Effective collaboration

Bringing users and media together in cases focused on an activity caters for effective collaboration.

Full audit trail

To re-capitulate events and analyse actions taken C-One keeps track of all media and communications.

Situational awareness

Providing real time situational awareness improving decision-making creating better outcomes when every second counts.

Designed for mobility

C-One is designed to fit the devices your staff already own and know how to use.

Geo tagged data

All data use GPS positioning for effective reporting and analysing of events.

Direct reporting

With fast buttons and rich media, events can be reported quick during ongoing events.

Customized security levels

C-One cater for users of different types. All users are assigned a system Role. A role provides the user with certain system permissions defining what the user can do, and a certain system content access level defining what the user can see.

Powerful case grouping

Easy and fast distribution of assignments by creating a case, grouping users and the relevant media; pics, conversations etc. in one virtual workspace. Automatic notifications to users.

Up to date security

C-One delivers end-to-end encryption of your data in transit and at rest. Intrusion detection tests are carried out by third party in regular intervals.

Central administration and access management. Easy to add and remove a user. Role based user rights. Configurable user permissions and content access levels.

Manage your communication

Easily add and remove users. Create user profiles for information trust and validation.

Configure user roles and content access levels. Create and upload your organisation’s own fast buttons.

Dynamic case rights

Qualify what users can do and see in a case. Control user rights and content access on individual case levels.

Rich media messaging

C-One rich media messaging enables improved shared awareness. Everyone can see and share the same:

  • HD Photos
  • HD Videos
  • Sound clips
  • Files
  • Text