Why invest in Flowscape Technology

Proven technology within the rapidly growing Smart Office and Smart Building segment.

Over 100 clients of which more than 25 are multinational corporations.

Market leadership in the Nordics and strong market position globally.

Business model including sales through large partners such as Ericsson in which the partner handles sales as well as installation and support resulting in both global exposure and lower cost of delivery.

The market window for the product C-One is open now. There is an increased risk awareness in both companies and the public sector. Moreover, the security aspect of communication is a focal point in Europe fuelled by GDPR and other initiatives taken to enhance secure communication.

The CEO holds close to 30% of the shares in the company forming a stable ownership structure and a strong commitment from top management.



Peter Reigo

Chairman of the board

Henrik Tjernberg

Email: info@flowscape.se