Successful events require effective communication and co-operation between a vast number of individuals - usually a combination of professional staff and volunteers, each of whom operate on different levels with different responsibilities. In addition to these very real challenges, the unexpected also needs to be taken into account - that when it comes to planning and executing an event, unforeseen incidents can, and most often will take place.

Given the short-term nature of events themselves, timing is crucially important. Incidents need to be handled swiftly and decisively, with success the only available option. In order to ensure this, communication between parties needs to be quick and easy. Although no time is available for volunteers to learn complicated communications systems, the correct information still needs to be relayed to the relevant staff members effectively, with immediate problem solving or escalation to management being key to the process.

Thanks to the easy group management functionality available through C-One, individuals have the ability to be part of one, or many groups simultaneously. Groups can be defined by multiple attributes such as their role, function or geographic location, while the system's 'bring your own device' capability allows users to logon to the platform directly for increased efficiency.

C-One - a smart security solution to ensure successful event management.

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Key features

Complement old communication

Running on iOS and Android makes user base expansion flexible and inexpensive when complementing radio communications.

Manage your communication

Easy to use management module to handle users and configure communication settings.

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Designed for mobility

C-One is designed to fit the devices your staff already own and know how to use.

Effective collaboration

Bringing users and media together in cases focused on an activity caters for effective collaboration.

Geo tagged data

All data use GPS positioning for effective reporting and analysing of events.

Full audit trail

To re-capitulate events and analyse actions taken C-One keeps track of all media and communications.