Security Services

Security services ensure the safeguarding of organizations and their people, using teamwork and collaboration to liaise between security staff and central management. Security personnel often work alone in the field, relying on effective communication in order to streamline operations.

In essence, security is the management of planned and unplanned events, of proactive and reactive work. As such, teams, individuals and central management need to collaborate at all times, keeping each other informed and up to date with any incidents that may occur. Should a security intervention ever be necessary, staff would need to be instantly notified, and briefed on the type and level of incident - the more specific, secure and swift the communication, the better. The success of a security team's response is dependent upon effective collaboration, with communication as the cornerstone upon which capabilities are built in order to make a lasting, impactful difference.

With its emphasis on collaboration and co-ordination, C-One is used to great effect by security organizations and staff. Cases are easily created, disseminated and commented on, and can be escalated to other teams or management if necessary.

C-One - a smart security solution providing closed and secure communication for security services.

Key features

Role design

The C-One system has been designed with well-defined roles for all users, in this way ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

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Designed for mobility

C-One is designed to fit the devices your staff already own and know how to use.

SMC – Social Media Communication

The system uses existing human connections, communications and behavior in a social media context in order to create a new, more intuitive approach to incident management.

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Geo tagged data

All data use GPS positioning for effective reporting and analysing of events.


The C-One system is fitted with a comprehensive tracking functionality in order to review events from start to finish and analyse the actions taken.

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