Large retailers are chiefly a closed community, often with a number of outlets spread over many locations. The bigger the store, the more workers there are that need a constant, up-to-date flow of information regarding current campaigns and sales.

Having to work without up-to-date information can be a frustrating experience for both employees and management alike, often on a daily basis. What's more, with workers spread out over the shop floor, and not at desks reading emails, information can be difficult to disseminate - which is why a top-down line of communication is so crucial. When customers interact with staff, they are effectively interacting with your brand, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable insights and make a positive impression. As such, the way you communicate with your staff is, in effect, the way that you communicate with your customers, and is a direct reflection on the overall experience that you provide.

The solution? C-One, and its ability to allow you to communicate via the devices that are most convenient for you. Thanks to technology that enables a bilateral communication flow between central management and shop floor staff, your employees will always have the most current information easily at hand, ready to enhance your customers' shopping experience, and ultimately empower and strengthen your brand itself.

C-One - a smart security solution to empower your brand.

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Key features

Situational awareness

Providing real time situational awareness improving decision-making creating better outcomes when every second counts.

Designed for mobility

C-One is designed to fit the devices your staff already own and know how to use.

Effective collaboration

Bringing users and media together in cases focused on an activity caters for effective collaboration.

Manage your communication

Easy to use management module to handle users and configure communication settings.

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Geo tagged data

All data use GPS positioning for effective reporting and analysing of events.

Full audit trail

To re-capitulate events and analyse actions taken C-One keeps track of all media and communications.