Lost child

To quickly solve an unexpected event in your environment, you must be able to, instantly connect and collaborate with those in your environment that has a role to play in the safety welfare of your environment.

To report and immediately start locating a lost child in a mall you need your essential communication system to be in place connecting all your critical resources.

To help the father who have lost his child the shop assistant gets a picture from the father and distributes it in the C-One mall collaboration network. Instantly everyone connected is notified and can keep their eyes and ears open. Having found the boy in the candy store the shop assistant reports back in the same “lost child” C-One case where the initial report was sent and all case participants receives a notification.

The shop assistant reports in a missing person case on her mobile device. Information is sent out directly to the appropriate people in the mall and to the communication dashboard.

Pictures are sent to identify the child.

Feedback from the happy father to the helping employees.

Picture of happy father and son is sent back to the mall network. The boy is here, in the candy shop. I have lost my child, can you help me? Shop employee send out a picture of the child in the mall network.

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