Suspicious activity

To keep your environment safe and secure you need your environments eyes and ears to support your efforts. To do that your eyes and ears network need to be able to send you reports and receive notifications.

An employee in your environment notices suspicious activity and using the C-One app reports the activity to your communication dashboard. Using a fast button when reporting and allowing for the report to be GEO positioned makes it easy and accurate to report. Your communication dashboard operator creates a case with all security staff and shares the information. The security staff can now collaborate effectively in the case and follow up on the suspicious activity.

An employee reports a suspicious activity using the efficicon and automatic GPS position. The message is sent to the Communication Dashboard.

The Communication Dashboard creates a case and pass on the information without changes.

Employees collaborate to solve the situation.

Security staff collaborate directly inside case. I’m close, should I cover the exit? CD pass on information to security staff. Suspicious activity and GPS position are reported to the Communication Dashboard.

Key features

Effective collaboration

Bringing users and media together in cases focused on an activity caters for effective collaboration.

Geo tagged data

All data use GPS positioning for effective reporting and analysing of events.

Direct reporting

With fast buttons and rich media, events can be reported quick during ongoing events.